What little girls are made of

Poetry Soup | 7th June 2018

What little girls are made of

What little girls are made of
you’re not good enough?
Was it when you were a girl
trying to figure out stuff?

All you wanted to be
was daddy’s little girl
Tea cup party pretty
a princess with curls

“Sugar and spice, everything nice”
but that’s not what you were made of
Fiery adventurous, a wonder born of thunder
Searching empty eyes to find his love

If only he could have seen
How your hopeful heart had pleaded
A world of “Sunshine and rainbows”
Was all that you needed

Your life didn’t consist of
“Tea parties, laces and baby doll faces”
Some might tell you you’re searching
for love in the wrong places

But the need you feel
is beyond the unspoken
What happened back then
Has left you feeling broken

So see through different eyes
a princess a queen
A girl kind and generous
who wants to be seen

You have beauty and strength
“That’s what little girls are made of”
When you find belief in yourself
you’ll be a step away from true love!

Dedicated to a friend, who I hope will discover her amazing. For me I did not learn to love myself until I felt the love of my Heavenly Father. It seems my earthly one wasn’t up for the task.

Note: lines in quotes are from the poem “Sugar and Spice” author: unknown

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