Special Occasion

Poetry Soup | 15th July 2018

Special Occasion

I want to be
your special occasion
To see you smile
like you’re on vacation
That in a cool sorta way
I’m your happy activation

I want to know
you see and hear me
That there’s nowhere else
you’d rather be
I want to be invigorated
full inside not empty

I want to be
your ocean and sun
temporarily extraordinary
your truly special one
The perfect cup of coffee
that goes with your bun

I want to be
that special book you can’t close
the one that make you tingle
from head to toes
To be in a picture together
doing some silly pose

I wish and want to be
the first joyful thought of your day
That I can be a glorious song
to which you sway
Yes, to be your special occasion
that would be better than okay!

Photo Title

Burncastle Lodge