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...a true artist. The whole book is a piece of art, a philosophy and a story all rolled into one. In having read it, I was actually saddened by having realised it was finished

Doby Dobrostanski | Artist, teacher and Author   

“Got it, opened it, read it. What a total delight! Except for the one about the guy suffering from travel addiction, there is no cure. I feel for him, poor guy. I learned a lot, not just about you, but about myself and those who walk the Earth beside me.

Jim Cooper | Travel Writer

We all have a past and for many of us that will include a lot of word based painful memories. That is certainly true of my good friend, Richard. His book title aptly reveals that. He beautifully weaves his personal journey of responding to destructive words with...”

Pete Unran | Founder/Director of Oasis, a Soul Care Retreat, targeted for weary and / or Wounded Leaders Read more