Not Close To Feel

Poetry Soup | 2nd August 2018

Not Close Enough To Feel

I’m not the same as I once was
or ever will possibly be
I’m a different person
than the one that you see

Sure I look and sound the same
you think it’s just regular old me
From a distance I look joyful
While inside I feel empty

All of my faults
lay in weight deep underground
You can’t hear the tremors
they make imperceptible sounds

This soul is erupting
there is a mindquake
It seems so improbable
Yet I’m afraid I might break

Seeing isn’t believing
What I show you is fake
If you held me close enough
You would feel how I shake

The nightmare that haunts me
Is that I’ll never be seen
These words will mean nothing
you’ll just see the spaces in between

In my myriad of thoughts
my pencil put to page
Ironic that the real is sung
on such a public stage

I desire connection
I love to give but I rarely take
Hitch Hiking the Galaxy alone
perhaps that’s my biggest mistake.

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Burncastle Lodge