Miss Understood

Poetry Soup | 6th June 2018

Miss Understood

I understood that you were
on that day that our paths crossed
The clock tick tocked I knew not why
I wanted to talk but the time flew by

Cloaked in invisibility I was your ghost
A unknown guest you were my host
I felt your heart beat in time and space
A growing desire behind a lovely face

A soulful apparition powers to few
I could not reveal the truth to you
Illusion like fog will eventually grow thin
Perhaps you will know the beauty within

One day the right person will take your hand
But the warrior within is yours to command
Everything unfolds this life’s yours to steer
If you want to find strength look in the mirror

Being a passing spirit I can’t offer you much
I’m bound by limitations we can never touch
So when you fall asleep and heavy eyes close
Feel confidence rise from your head to your toes

Those who were not there might never see
the woman within that has the power to be
Strong triumphant beautiful and great
a miracle a teacher a master of her own fate!

Inspired by Heidi Sands’ poem titled “Misunderstood”

If you read Heidi’s poem first this will have more meaning.

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