Memory Go Round

Poetry Soup | 7th July 2018

Memory Go Round

I’m on the Memory Go Round
Repeating every thought and sound
Yet no answer is found
Inside my brain I feel my heart pound
My clock tick talking
Because it’s too tightly wound
On this circular motion I’m bound

Yesterday today and tomorrow
are bound together by sorrow
Up and down motion fast slow
Capitulation inside my brain
Questions to answers I’ll never know
The Memory Go Round horror show
Infusing my being head to toe

Riding toy horses with maniacal eyes
Memories sickening familiar I despise
Reigns held tightly and the horse with my thighs
Feeling the fear inside of me sink and rise
I smile because the music’s a distant sorta pretty
while wondering if pretending is all that wise
when with each rotation my inner child dies?

It seems that familiar doesn’t provide rest
this Memory Go Round is a test
Other’s crimes will never be confessed
on these funhouse images I’m obsessed
Rotating from East back to West
Paint peeled and yellowed, wood splintered
I must jump free, time to get off and be blessed!

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Burncastle Lodge