Looney Tune

Poetry Soup | 19th June 2018

Looney Tune

Max is mad at Molly
Samantha’s sore at Seth
Freida’s freaking out at Frodo
While Hobbits hold their breath

Jack jokes about poor Jill
She hits him with her pail
Humpty cracks open Dumpty
For drinking all his ale

Mickey Mouse and Minnie
They both make quite a scene
Playful Pluto gave her paw
and stroked her jumping bean

Rub is furious with Dub Dub
She has another man in his tub
His bubble has been bursted
So he scrubs Dub with a club

Cats in cradles cows and moons
Forks running away with spoons
Coyote catches the Road Runner
In the end we’re all Looney Tunes

Nothing makes us happy
Sticks and stones me oh my
Kryptonic grade destruction
Broken Superman can’t fly
The Beatles Battled Yoko Ono
Because she broke up the band
They sang ‘Give Peace a Chance”
a dream they didn’t understand

So I walk down to the River
John the Baptist please begin
Separate me from human nature
Cause I’m tired of our sin

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