Eight Mile Ryme Bubble Bath Battle

Poetry Soup | 28th May 2018

Eight Mile Ryme Bubble Bath Battle

Eight Mile Ryme Bubble Bath Battle
You want to love me don’t you
Why won’t you
My words will soak into you just like I told you
Do you feel my flow?
I’m soft rhyming iridescent sultry slow
I’ll drown you with the sensual letters I know
Feel that bubbling inside of you grow
I love that red glow
you try not to let your pleasure show
even though I can feel you vibrate from head to toe

I’ll listen to what you say
But responding is child play
Your words are duller than bath water grey
Me, I shape shift like kneaded clay
slip slide inside of you every way
Baby try to rapid repeat like me
let that passionate prose spray
Bubble bounce onto me
Slinky Rhyme Time’s here to stay

I’m domesticated wild
in the groove dialed
No one’s more intricately freestyled
pushing up against surfaces travertine tiled
Screams overtaking the radio dial
I’ll be far down below near 8 mile
This white wrapper is never tongue tied
Sit back and enjoy it for a while
As my dexterity is applied

That smell you’re smelling
That isn’t burnt toast
That’s you having a stroke
It’s not terminal you’re not going to croak
I’m the elixir for things that used to be broke
But them lame words you’ve got
All of them dissipate like smoke
They tickle a bit on my throat
but not enough to cause me to choke
I’m relaxing in this word bath
climatically enjoying my soak
rightly writing every stroke

Woman get yourself into my tub
I’m not just playing “Rub a Dub Dub”
What I’ve got is too big to tug
My vocabulary is a drain swirling tornado
much more potent than any drug
Out from under you I won’t pull the rug
Although my ego is supersized
I ‘m not smug
when the word play is over
I’ll comfort you with a towel and a hug!

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