Deep Inclinations

Poetry Soup | 2nd August 2018

Deep Inclinations

I’ve got those baby I want you things on my mind
Those ooh baby, pleasured bodies intertwined
She knows all the right places and my pump’s primed
exploration ecstasy, wondering what I will find
nasty deeds, my mom said would make me go blind
Up down backwards, slippery slide inclined
Cataclysmic dual explosions as we grind

Lick lips eclipse finding the place that drips
She hold the covers and bites her lips
I control her vibrating gyrating hips
“Oh don’t stop!” as deep inside my tongue slips
I don’t need no cuffs or whips
I make her so happy she does back flips
She’s drug free and still her mind trips

Faster, slower, what she wants she doesn’t know
She loves how I make her tingle from head to toe
Flush skin, that delicious heated she needs me glow
I’m Double Dutch flicking, she’s rocking to and fro
I wind her tight and right like a well strung bow
Pull back release, hit the spot gently blow
Precision accuracy I find the perfect place to go

She pushes me pulls me, rips at my hair
I could be bald but I don’t care
She pulls me up so she can grab me there
Minutes hours she answers every prayer
Where I begin and she ends I am unaware
Release vibrations the ultimate share
as into each other’s eyes we stare!

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