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Lost and found

Posted by Richard Lamoureux on

Lost and found

Lost and Found

Be quiet quiet quiet
Yes quiet as a mouse
It's nobody else's business
What goes on inside our house
We like our big little secrets
All disguised in pretty bows
These things are just between us
It is best that no one knows!

The little girl she listened
Held that burden of belief
Pretended with eyes of happy
But inside she held her grief
Losing her voice to a sorrow
That she wasn't allowed to show
Inside a numbing awareness
and no safe place where she could go

She kept on being quiet
Those around her thought it weird
She tried so hard to form her words
But her voice had disappeared
She lived within the shadows
until one day she made a choice
No longer would she be silent
She prayed "Please God give me my voice!"

Some answers don't come easy
But God helps us when we try
Her voice started as whisper
Yet on words she learned to fly
Her message spoken clearly
big little secrets shouldn't be kept
The girl became a woman
and she earned her self respect

Within light thoughts are shifted
She's not afraid to be seen
Truthful words tell her story
Others know where she has been
Her voice reveals her beauty
She knows freedom in her heart
With us she shares her secrets
Her pain transformed into art!

Dedicated to the girl who lost her voice,
and the woman who found it. Freyja Jensen.