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Fifty Five Years of Ripples

Posted by Andrew Scott on

Fifty Five Years of Ripples

Every where we looked we seen your smile
You have left so very many of them as reminders
Reminding us to be joyful
Reminding us how much you loved us
Reminding us to be fully present
So we gathered together to comfort each other
Desperately needing to feel your presence
We wanted so badly to honour you

By honouring you
we got to see deep within ourselves
to our inner spring of emotions
We attempted to maintain composure
so that we could get our words out
An impossible task
because we felt so deeply
Tears and laughter spilled over from our hearts
refreshing our spirits
connecting us to our humanity
Through loving tears our sweetness intermingled

So we spoke of you
in quiet and boisterous tones
Remembering and celebrating you
We marvelled at the gifts you have given each of us
Other's memories were added to our own
They connected the dots of a life well shared
Your story has touched so many
Fifty five years of ripples will travel beyond that day
So as we move on you will not be forgotten
Each of us holds onto one of your smiles
That special smile that was just for us
Thank you dear Jeanette
We love you and will miss you so much.