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Blinded By Colourful Font

Posted by Richard Lamoureux on

Blinded By Colourful Font

I would like to ponder wisdom
loving relationships and things
A life lived beyond good intentions
What it means to have strong wings

To know that life has a purpose
When it is lived beyond myself
I don't need to fill all my cupboards
It's better that I share the wealth

All those things I think I'm needing
are trapping me within the want
I see heartache written in graffiti
Why am I blinded by colourful font

If my more means that I'm taking
Is any of it truly gain
Others find food in dumpsters
and I am ignorant to their pain

In this world of want and plenty
I know I have more than my share
By remembering where it came from
I should know I have plenty to spare

God implores me to be giving
To have faith He won't let me down
These hands have a special purpose
If I'm willing to venture down town!