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Asleep with eyes open

Posted by Richard Lamoureux on

Asleep with eyes open

I sit in a chair
Looking out to nowhere
Haunted blank stare
Open eyes unaware

Sitting in a chair with wheels
No one knows what I feel
Is there anything for me that is real

A young girl visits every day
She hates to see me this way
I used to have so much to say
She longs for me to be okay

My body is near
Yet my mind isn't here
locked away by fear
Look close you may see a tear

Through this darkness I hear her voice
Awakened I make a choice
A dry tongue becomes moist

Back to reality
From the brink of infinity
Her love sets me free
Brings me where I'm supposed to be

I paid a terrible cost
So many years were lost
My mind locked in frost

A victim of war
Shaken to my core
I couldn't take anymore
So my mind shut the door
Now from these lips my soul can pour!

For Shadow's Victim contest
Originally written April 22, 2013.
Reworked August 15th 2016 to fit the perameters of the contest.