Absolute Truth - Full Liar

Poetry Soup | 25th June 2018

Absolute Truth-Full Liar

A golden coin flipped into the sky
One side is absolute truth
the other side is stamped with lies
Hope it lands right/wrong side up
so you can partially realize
the truth doesn’t always set you free
Sometimes deception leads to wise

Neither side exists
without the other
Truth and lies are Siamese brothers
Born of necessities
yet neither of them has a mother
Look up look down
all things can offend and bother
Absolute truth or filthy clean lies
there are so many things that they Father
We are temporary our purpose is significant fodder
so through our inequities we wander

Spin the coin
the image you will see
is the blending of who we think we might be
Witness our insanity
by looking back at lying throughout history
Yet there is truth hidden
flickering within the spin
start over finish
once more begin
Words alone can’t set us free
Centrifugal force thinking
trapped inside each possibility
Rooted in our impure paternity
Watch how friends become the enemy
Perspectives changing depending on adversity
Truthfully can anyone know
who they are meant to be
Rise up or see life on bended knee

What is it that words hope inspire
A coin can only be destroyed by fire
Live life find what you desire
We’re all tethered together
by a hidden wire
Truth or a lie
lower and higher
Kind or cruel
or self loathing despiser
We’re born of muck and mire
Aspire to be a flyer
or maybe just a consumed buyer
Still all energy will eventually expire
do it all before you tire
Tell the absolute truth
or if you choose be a liar!

Submitted to Brenda Chiri's Abandon Poetry Contest.

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