Wise Dummy Poet

About Me - in a poem

Richard lamoureux

Husband, son, father, friend
Mary's sweetie, Matthew's dad, Edith's son, brother to Teresa and Roy
Lover of family, friends and time alone
Who feels passion, joy and doubt
Who fears rejection, being forgotten and failure
Who would like to see Paris, Greece and the face of my Savior
Resident of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Proud, deceitful, lustful, liar
holder of grudges, occupier of dark thoughts
Competitive to a fault, craver of things material
Temptations target
Who feels torn in two
Who fears his darker instincts
Resident and member of humanity

About Me

I started my life as the family Dummy. I believed this lie, because one of the people who was suppose to love me the most called me Dummy every day. Through my own personal Journey I survived the lies from my past and ended up in a world I hadn’t known was possible.

I don’t see myself as wise or a Dummy, but through my relationship with God I have witnessed his wisdom first hand. I have seen how he transformed me. God allowed me to see myself through his eyes. If you are seaching for something beyond yourself, this may be a good starting point. Have you felt the sting of not being good enough? If so this is a safe place to ask questions and maybe find the answers you have been searching for. You deserve to see yourself as you really are, not through the hurtful words from your past.

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Wise Words:

  • “Where is the wise man?
    Where is the Scholar?
    Where is the Philosopher of this age?
    Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?”

Corinthians 1:20