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Hurtful and Healing Words

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Richard J. Lamoureux

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My Poetry Book


Richard J Lamoureux What is Wise Dummy Poet?

Wise Dummy Poet is the creative brainchild of Richard Lamoureux. This book flows from his personal experiences. Some of the poems and prose are written about actual people, other poems are his artistic interpretation to express a mood or idea. Through his writing Richard shares how words have impacted his life. Few things in life have more power than the words that make up each of our lives. This is his story in his own words..


Richard Lamoureux

At this moment our lives have intersected. It may be a momentary pause that will soon be forgotten or it will be much more. What will you decide to spend a little more time?

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Wise Words

“Where is the wise man? Where is the Scholar? Where is the Philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” Corinthians 1:20

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My friend Andrew Scott, who has designed this site for me, has been asking me for words. For some reason I have been dragging my ...

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...a true artist. The whole book is a piece of art, a philosophy and a story all rolled into one. In having read it, I was actually saddened by having realised it was finished

Doby Dobrostanski | Artist, teacher and Author   

“Got it, opened it, read it. What a total delight! Except for the one about the guy suffering from travel addiction, there is no cure. I feel for him, poor guy. I learned a lot, not just about you, but about myself and those who walk the Earth beside me.

Jim Cooper | Travel Writer

We all have a past and for many of us that will include a lot of word based painful memories. That is certainly true of my good friend, Richard. His book title aptly reveals that. He beautifully weaves his personal journey of responding to destructive words with...”

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Latest Work.

Aug 12, 2018


I’m not the same as I once was
or ever will possibly be
I’m a different person
than the one that you see

Sure I look and sound the same
you think it’s just regular old me
From a distance I look joyful
While inside I feel empty...

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Aug 5th, 2018

Kimo Therapy

I see you filled with emotional pain
You feel like you are alone
So I will hold your hand

It’s okay, you do not need to explain
I will be here through the hurt Let me absorb your tears...

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Aug 2nd, 2018

Deep Inclinations

I’ve got those baby I want you things on my mind
Those ooh baby, pleasured bodies intertwined
She knows all the right places and my pump’s primed
I wanted to talk but the time flew by...
exploration ecstasy, wondering what I will find
nasty deeds, my mom said would make me go blind
Up down backwards, slippery slide inclined
Cataclysmic dual explosions as we grind...

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