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  • Words, words, words Looking at our lives there are few things in life that have more power than words. Words spoken in the past can echo across generations. Read More
  • Dummy-Hurtful & Healing Words

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    "DUMMY - Hurtful & Healing Words"

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At this moment our lives have intersected. It may be a momentary pause that will soon be forgotten or it will be much more. What will you decide to spend a little more time?

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...a true artist. The Whole book is a piece of art, a philosophy and a story all rolled into one. In having read it, I was actually saddened by having realised it was finished.

— Doby Dobrostanski, Artist, Teacher and Author

Richard's poetry is remarkably tangibly real. He writes very eloquently and poetically about subjects that have ripped his heart, as well as experiences which healed it and turned it into the very special person he is today. His poetry has helped me reflect inwardly and has also equipped me to better relate emphatically to people young and old living in toxic circumstances. Reading my own words makes me aware that it almost sounds like Richard's poetry is heavy and dark, but that is not the case (at all). And that may very well be his greatest achievement: Producing poetry which reflects on deep hurts, yet in a manner so uplifting and full of light and life... . Warmly recommended.

— Hans "Dutch" Dekkers

Got it, opened it, read it. What a total delight! Except for the one about the guy suffering from travel addiction, there is no cure. I feel for him, poor guy. I learned a lot, not just about you, but about myself and those who walk the Earth beside me.

— Jim Couper, Travel Writer

We all have a past and many of us that will include a lot of word based painful memories. That is certainly true of my good friend, Richard. His book title aptly reveals that. He beautifully weaves his personal journey or responding to destructive words with an amazing blend of prose and poetry.

— Pete Unrau, Founder / Director of Oasis, a Soul Care Retreat.

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